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Once More with feeling...


The Week Ahead -- Nov. 1

Fantastic week ahead. Giants looking to close out the Series in
Texas v. Lee. Will be tough... Go Giants!
Tues Nov 2nd -- get yer a$$es out and VOTE!
Fantastic weather on tap all week. You can get out of the office
early if you use your favorite on-demand messenger courier service!


Their pre-season thunder (RIP) totally usurped by the SF Giants
playoff run. The faithful continue to follow. Which way will the
team go under Keith Smart. Our take is they will be a fun team to
root for... and Jeremy Lin becomes Bay Area god!

Go SF Giants!

Good luck to the lads in orange and black. Customer reminder: get
some work done (utilizing a courier) before turning your full
attention to the Gints!

Hot One Today

Gonna be a scorcher. Drink your fluids. Be safe in fire danger
areas, and of course, support your local courier service!


Been doing crossfit workouts for the past 3 months. Recommend highly. Very interesting culture surrounding the gyms as well. Very young and extremely tech savvy. Incredible use of video all all tech tools. Check it out.

If you need a courier who is getting fitter.... try me!

Couple of great resources

A brother needs some help some time. Over the past few months I have had jobs done for me by, AND I HAVE DONE JOBS FOR!! (thanks!) a couple of great courier companies. Among them are ASAP Courier Service, which is a Marin Courier Service, as well as a San Francisco Courier Service, as well as an East Bay Courier Service. They cover a lot of ground.

More locally, Bay Area Courier Service is a frequent business partner. Down the road, Tri-Valley Couriers, a Pleasanton Courier Service is in the mix. I have also been helped out for longer runs by Bay Area Messenger Service, and most importantly, in San Francisco I can rely on San Francisco Messenger Service

I'm embarking on 3 challenges.

Starting today I will be embarking on the 100 Pushups, 200 Situps, and 200 Squats Challenges. Wish me luck!


Love it when roads and highways are freshly repaired and surfaced.
Smooth sailing, fresh markings, the world is a beautiful place.
Hate it when roads are highways are being repaired. Delays on key
arteries, detours and general slowdown for the courier professionals.
Oh well! ;-)

Spring has Sprung

The rains that have come in this first week of April have done the
trick. Spring is here! The Birds are chirping, flowers are
exploding, and the Bay Area has come alive. Love it. Happy Spring

Fabulous Photo Gallery on sfgate... Berkeley 1900

Tremendous collection of photos. Worth a look: HERE.

300 mile day.

Wow. Sacramento, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alameda, San Francisco, Burlingame. Lots of miles, lots of fun. CHP is out in force! All over the Bay Area, CHP is in revenue generation mode, looking to add funds to the coffers of our beleaguered State.

Glad to have the Bay Bridge open.

Obviously, big challenges presented by the closure, but also opportunities. Made several BART runs to the city, coordinated with my San Francisco partners on some assistance on that side, and we made it through. Only had a couple of instances where I had to make the dreaded 'loop' across San Rafael and San Mateo bridges. Not fun.

Tax Season finally over!

Wow, lots of tax related deliveries this year. More so than the past few... more people working the extension til October 15th? Anyways, thanks to all who relied on me for last minute to and fro to their CPA. Until next year....

Delivered Signage today for the LPGA event in Danville.

225 pounds of signage being flown in from Florida. Had to work, but
got it to fit. I'll yelp up a shoutout about the event.